Learn Danish™ App Reviews

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Its okay....

It is very helpful to me but it can be a little confusing at times!


Good, easy to get idea of Danish lamguage

Fun Way To Learn

I am using this along with Babbel and a book I ordered and while each helps this one is the most fun. I would like to see the alphabet added as that seems the most logical place to start so I see the word in Danish and not English ( like recognized him k as ko rather than the English k if that makes sense) Anyway, I think this is a great program and will teach you a lot even if its not just used on its own

One of my favorite apps

I wish I could learn more for free but too bad if have to upgrade, other than that Ive learned a lot from this app and I think anyone trying to learn Danish should consider downloading it.

Great way to learn

It is so user friendly and it is fun also!!!

So Good!

There is so much content in this app! Thank you so much! One of the hardest languages made easier! Mange tak! Farvel!

Amazing and Informing

Best app I used to learn Danish. Gives different ways to learn vocabulary and makes it more fun and enjoyable and less taxing!

Sweet app

I am just starting to try to learn Danish and this application has been really helpful in the first few days. I look forward to continuing to use it in the weeks ahead to help master this new linguistic challenge!


I love this app! Its easy to use, there are quizzes, and awesome vocab, but I wish there was something to help with grammar.


I married a Danish man and need to learn and teach our children Danish. This app has been a great starting point! Thank you

Re-learning Danish

I lived in Denmark for five years and my daughter was born there. However we had to leave abruptly and she has forgotten how to speak Danish. I am using this app to re teach her Danish and brush up on mine. I love the pictures and wide variety of words and activities!!!

Amazingly fun!!

Im 12, and my whole family is Danish, every generation except for mine can speak it.... Since I was 5 u really wanted to learn, but never got myself to it... Its amazing how fun and helpful it is. Ive only had is for a month and Ive mastered most of the categories!!! Amazing app

Life savior

This app is so helpful. Best Danish learning app out there!!!!!!

Awesome app!!

I love this app!!!

Nice app..

Nice application to learn Danish

Great tool for learning & review

I take this app everywhere and use it to fill time and learn. For a struggling learner this tool is really helpful!


Seems like a great app, but I just cant get the sound to work so I can hear how the words sound. Ive check all my settings on my end on my phone. Confused. Is it something I must pay for?


Newgirl1975 the alphabet for Denmark is the same except for three letters æ œ ø but anyways I love this app cuz it turns out the words on here are actually the right ones because my grandma from Denmark came last nite and I tested these words and she said they are all the right ones and now I can talk to her in Danish ! XD

Fun games make learning fun

This app is a great intro to Danish. The repetitive games make learning easy.

very gooooood


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