Learn Danish™ App Reviews

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Ha the pre review

I did learn some Dansk grammar to learn even more Danish. Pretty cool app but itd be better if it was easier to remember and the pictures seem out of place

smart system

i really like the format and the methods used in this to memorize new words. its easy to do a long study on or a quick review and the pronunciations are very helpful


This is a really good app and I like the way its set up, its all free and to be honest I wish they had one for all languages. Hope this app gets really popular so that it can get more good reviews :) PLEASE do Korean!!!

Fast Track Vocab!

Moves efficiently over a broad selection of practical vocabulary. Pronunciation is authentic. Visual, auditory, written, effectively combined language modes make the different activities fun and motivating. Excellent for all age beginners. Looking forward to a companion grammar program.


I really liked it! Each step reinforces the process of learning. Very little frustration.

Great to start



This is a pretty awesome system to learn a language. And its very user friendly

Multi-mode vocab learning

Whether you are auditory or visual, reading or listening, you can learn in many ways. Great app.


Good app thus far, except the persistent requests to rate it and I havent got to far through the lessons.


It crashes and the formatting isnt that great. It seems like it would be great if the sound worked and it quit crashing.

Easy to use

I love this app! We are preparing to host a student from Denmark this next school year. It will be nice to be able to speak some Danish.

Supper Helpfull

I was born in America, in Solvang. My Oldemor spoke Danish and tried to help me learn but I was resistant as a kid. Now there is no one left to help me learn so I am trying to learn on my own in honor of my Danish Family. I have found this app to be greatly Helpful, and I have only had it for one day. The playback recordings for pronunciation are really helpfull. With this app I should be getting at least some of the basics in no time.

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