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Very fun and easy to learn new words

Очень хорошо! Very good!

Very good and easy programm. I have a lot of fun to use this. Очень практичная и удобная программа.


You cannot ask me to report about application just opening it. Give me time to check it. Thank!


Stuttered by ads and continuous unnecessary Internet connections. Almost unusable because of this, on most devices. However, I doubt this can be really effective for quickly learning a language. Try Duolingo instead.

Great for vocabulary

This is a nice free tool to brush up on and learn new vocabulary.

Like to aural feedback

Good vocab. categories, great to be able to record my voice and compare to standard. Please add phrases!

Good vocab practice and testing!

Good way to practice and test vocabulary!

Good start

Its a good start on vocabulary but has no sentence structure


Its good for learning vocabulary.

Great vocabulary builder

Excellent for building vocabulary via lists with a good mix of listening, reading and identification. Wish it had phrases though

Excellent system.

The flash card and test system works extremely well, for those who want to learn Danish. But most expect it to be easy, and dont try. The flash cards only help if you are committed to them helping. Learning another language isnt easy, and this is a proper example of that. So, a star for commitment, a star for Easy Learning, A Star For Learning A New Language, and a star for teaching us fast.

Bases covered!

A very simple and easy to use (and free) system that covers the basics!! Thanks and good job.

This is awesome

I saw a movie and gave me the idea to leave and this app does just that. I have learned so quick in days. Its really fun.

Manga godt spp

Easy to use and a good reference to learn basic Danish. I use it often when conversing and texting my Danish friends.

Its amazing! I learned so many things on this app and its suuuuuuuper fun. If YOU yes YOU MUST download this app. At first it seems like you want to delete it but wait it gets fun. This is one of the first review so thats why Im acting crazy.


I love it! Its fun! Amazing! Going to use everyday!


Very helpful app. I love it. Highly recommended.


It is one the most useful apps for learning danish.

Great app

Overall great learning experience with multiple ways to study and text your knowledge!


This is a great app!

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